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The End - Sources Released
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Written by KillerMapper   
Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hello everybody,

 Like we said on the forums this summer, we decided to release all the source files to the public and close down the project. We don't have enough time and people to keep the project alive, not counting to big issues with the game engine to make a good kart game.

 Mario Kart Source is now closed. Since the sources are free, someone can try to restart the project. It's all up to you. You can use our files for another project too, just put the MKS Team in your credits, that would be nice ;)

Mario Kart Source was a great thing for all of us. Some of us spent more than 7 years trying to make this project a reality. We did some nice work, not enough sadly, but we had some nice moments, and meeting people from all over the world was something great ! Some will say that it's a shame, other will tel us the "haha we told us you will fail !", we don't care about that, we learned lot of things and have fun working on this project :)

 It's now time to end this adventure. Thanks to all who supported us, who believed in us, who donated so we can get our website domain, you were a great community ! THANKS A LOT !


You can find the links here : Forum topic 


Thanks again, and good luck for the next !

~The MKS Team 

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